Waterside Productions is the leading agency for computer & technical titles, with more best-sellers and more copies sold than any other agency. We also represent other non-fiction genres, including self-help, cooking, travel and more.

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Waterside Productions

Waterside Productions is one of the most successful literary agencies in the world. We have placed thousands of titles and generated more than $500 million in author royalties for our clients. We specialize in non fiction. Waterside has a robust foreign rights division and we have generated tens of millions of dollars with placement of titles in more than forty languages. As a literary agency, we are focused on established authors with significant pre-existing audiences and track records of success.

Today and into the future

Waterside publishes ebooks, audio books, print on demand and traditional print books. We have been honored for several years by Amazon as their preferred white gloves partner for non-fiction ebooks. We have a unique relationship with Blackstone Audio to distribute audios and with Two Rivers Distribution to  distribute books to retail bookstores. Blackstone and Two Rivers have more than one hundred sales reps and distribute product internationally. Waterside Press titles have sold tens of millions of copies and our primary focus in on authors who have established audiences and are able to promote their books aggressively.


We appreciate our clients and their desire to help create a better world. When I wrote my novel The Twelve, my primary motivation was to explain the unique nature of the Mayan calendar and the importance of the calendar for understanding the transition from a male based vibration to a feminine based vibration that occurred on December 21, 2012.

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