Evelyn Brodie | 05/06/18 | body/mind/spirit

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Evelyn Brodie is a modern day shamanic practitioner and integrated healer. In the seventies, Brodie earned degrees in Economics from Glasgow University in Scotland and Stanford 
University in California. For thirty years, she enjoyed a lucrative career as an economist, financial journalist and corporate communications executive before she had an experience that forced her to change her belief system and ultimately her life.

This experience was so vivid and undeniable that Brodie was called to embark on a dual track quest for knowledge and understanding. Her research over the last decade has led her to study a wide range of experiential healing practices including shamanism and other altered states of consciousness, as well as the scientific models behind these practices, including quantum physics, psychoneuroimmunology, neurobiology and epigenetics. Her travels have exposed her to healing modalities from North, Central and South America all the way to India and Southeast Asia.

Prior to the publication of Temenos Touch, Brodie published Corporate Bitch to Shaman: a journey uncovering the links between 21st century science, consciousness and the ancient healing practices, a memoir that describes her ten-year journey that lead her to her role from economist and journalist to shamanic practitioner and healer.

Today she is clear that she can use the tools from all her learning in a completely integrated holistic way. She has created a unique type of healing practice that addresses the life experiences, culture, and difficulties of each individual she works with. She calls this Temenos Touch and it became the title of her new book. “A temenos,” Brodie describes, “is a protected place where the transforming work of healing physically and emotionally takes place through learning and teaching”.  Evelyn now lives and runs her healing practice in London, England.

Further information is available on www.balanceandpurpose.co.uk.  You can watch a video explaining Temenos Touch on YouTube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Xm6haIKrkeE