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Muriel Lindsay | 05/06/18 | mind/body/spirit

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Muriel Lindsay lives on a barrier island off the coast of Georgia having moved there 15 years ago for the specific purpose of connecting with the dolphins who live in the surrounding waters. She moved there to find a way to answer to an inner knowing she has carried her whole life. The knowing is that there is something she is supposed to come to understand and then share about the human/dolphin/whale connection. In that spirit of investigation, she has spent 15 years doing what she calls “participatory research” which basically amounts to just hanging out with dolphins on their terms, in the wild, both in and on the water, while opening all of her mental, emotional, physical and spiritual channels. She is affectionately known on the island as “the dolphin whisperer” based on her connections with the dolphins there.

In 2014, her work reached a pinnacle in the publishing of “The Dolphin Letters, Vital Information from Sea to Land”, a collection of 33 letters from dolphins to the human race. She says of this particular book, she was born to bring it through at this particular time on our changing planet. Everything she has done previously in her life led to this sharing.
In 2007, she published “The Chronicles of the Savannah River Dolphins” sharing about five years of experiences with her “teachers” and friends, the dolphins. In 2000 she published a fictional account entitled “Talking to Hurricanes” about the consciousness of weather. In 1980 she wrote and privately distributed “Dancers Over The Chasm” about the kind of individual who knows how to handle transformation the best.

Prior to moving to her current home on Tybee Island Muriel was a teacher/healer who traveled the world to gather knowledge from many ancient grounds that would assist her with what she is currently doing. She has been able to spend time with dolphins in the wild literally all over the world since they inhabit every ocean.

She received her Bachelor’s Degree from Agnes Scott College majoring in philosophy and got a Master’s Degree in Social Work at the University of Georgia.
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R. Stephanie Good | 05/06/18 | Business

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I am a New York Times Best-Selling Author and an attorney.

I majored in political science at the State University of New York at Stony Brook where I graduated summa cum laude and was initiated into Phi Beta Kappa. I continued my education at Hofstra University School of Law where I earned my Juris Doctor degree and held the distinction of being the first recipient of the prestigious David Kadane Public Interest Fellowship. I later returned to Hofstra Law and earned an LL.M. in International Law. I am currently licensed to practice law in the State of New York and in the Southern and Eastern Districts of New York. I have also co-produced major television news segments in conjunction with SilverCreek Entertainment for Extra, 20/20, 60 Minutes, Good Morning America, and Prime-time Live.


Law School 101 (2nded): How to Succeed in Your First Year of Law School and Beyond, (June 2009), Naperville, Illinois: Sphinx Publishing (An Imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc.)

A Rush to Injustice: How Power, Prejudice, Racism, and Political Correctness Overshadowed Peace and Justice in the Duke Lacrosse Case. (June 2007), Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc. (with Nader Baydoun).

Exposed: The Harrowing Story of a Mother’s Undercover Work with the FBI to Save Children from Internet Sex Predators, (April 2007), Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc.

New York Times Best-Seller Aruba: The Tragic Untold Story of Natalee Holloway and Corruption in Paradise (April 2006), Nashville, TN: Thomas Nelson, Inc. (with Dave Holloway and Larry Garrison).

Law School 101: Survival Techniques from Pre-Law to Life as an Attorney. (May 2004) Naperville, Illinois: Sphinx Publishing (An Imprint of Sourcebooks, Inc.)


I was featured in “EXPOSED: Sexual Predators”, a one-hour documentary produced by CBS for WE TV, filmed as part of their “Secret Lives of Women” series – Based on my book, “Exposed,” it details my work with FBI Special Agent Austin Berglas and the FBI’s Crimes Against Children Squad C-20 to identify and assist in the prosecution of Internet sexual predators. (First airing – April 15, 2008)


2012 Dr. Frank Myers Undergraduate Teaching Award.

2011 Dr. Frank Myers Undergraduate Teaching Award.

2010 Public Service Award from Congressman Tim Bishop.

2009 SUNY at Stony Brook Political Science Department Distinguished Alumnus Award.

2008 CAPS (Child Abuse Prevention Service) Community Leadership Honoree.

2008 Citation from the Nassau County, NY Legislature in recognition of serving the children of Long Island, NY

2008 Citation from the New York State Assembly for Civic Dedication and Service.

Mireille Schwartz | 05/06/18 | Health & Fitness

Mireille Schwartz was born severely allergic to fish. She served as a Member of the Board of Directors for Washington D.C. based FAAN (Food Allergy & Anaphylaxis Network) from 2009 – 2011. FAAN, now Food Allergy Research & Education (FARE) is the world’s largest leading non-profit allergy resource and works with policymakers on federal, state, and local initiatives in areas such as food labeling, epinephrine availability, and management of food allergies in schools, camps, airlines, and restaurants. In both 2009 and 2010 she was awarded their National Award of Appreciation.

On the San Francisco Homefront, Mireille is CEO of the Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board, founded in 2007. The Mission of the Bay Area Allergy Advisory Board is to promote education, awareness, and provide no-cost medical care & medication to Bay Area families with severely allergic children. She was honored by Senator Mark Leno with a 2010 California State Senate Award for commitment to raising awareness, education, and advocacy on food allergy and anaphylaxis. In 2009 & 2010 Schwartz was named Honorary Chairman of FAAN’s Food Allergy Walk-A-Thon alongside Academy of Country Music Award winner and Celebrity Apprentice finalist, Trace Adkins. Mireille is also the recipient of a 2009 Change Starts at Home Changemaker’s Award for outstanding advocacy for food allergic children, and The Huffington Post’s “Greatest Person of the Day” Award in July 2011. Currently, in 2013, Mireille Schwartz and her family are featured in the Discovery Channel documentary “An Emerging Epidemic: Food Allergies in America” narrated by Steve Carell.

An expert contributor to CNN Health, Yahoo! News, NPR, and ABC7 News, and a regular featured columnist in Allergic Living Magazine, Mireille Schwartz has an innate understanding that food is everywhere, and our relationship to food needs to be healthy if we are to stay healthy. Mireille lives with her family in San Francisco.

Temba Spirit | 05/06/18 | mind/body/spirit

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Temba Spirit has been endorsed by Love. In his critically acclaimed manuscript and destined bestselling book, Reclaim Your Innocence: Remember the Love-Beauty Within, he courageously recounts his child hood experiences of child abuse, gang violence, forgiving the person who tried to murder him and how after being embraced by the Hugging saint Amma, he was able to transform his prison time into a spiritual retreat.

Temba’s amazing journey of love has led him to join with an array of famous authors, transformational personalities, spiritual leaders, and celebrities.

Robert A. Nagourney | 05/06/18 | mind/body/spirit

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Robert A. Nagourney, MD, is the medical and laboratory director at Rational Therapeutics, Inc., in Long Beach, California, and a clinical professor of gynecologic oncology at the University of California, Irvine School of Medicine. He is board certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology.

Dr. Nagourney received his undergraduate degree in chemistry from Boston University and his doctorate of medicine at McGill University in Montreal, where he was a University Scholar. After a residency in internal medicine at the University of California, Irvine, he went on to complete fellowship training in medical oncology at Georgetown University, as well as in hematology at the Scripps Institute in La Jolla.

During his medical oncology fellowship at Georgetown University, Dr. Nagourney confronted aggressive malignancies for0 which the standard therapies remained highly unsatisfactory. Responding to an unmet need, he pioneered the development of “personalized cancer therapy,” applying a laboratory platform to match patients to therapies based on their unique response profiles.

As the founder of Rational Therapeutics, Dr. Nagourney has led in the development of “functional profiling” in human tumors. Using human tumor microspheroids isolated directly from surgical specimens, this platform known as the Ex Vivo Analysis of Programmed Cell Death (EVA-PCD®) measures drug-induced programmed cell death. The EVA-PCD has been shown to be a robust method for the prediction of clinical response to therapy.

With more than twenty years experience in this field, Dr. Nagourney has authored numerous manuscripts, book chapters, and abstracts. As a co-investigator on national cooperative trials, he introduced the use of platinum/gemcitabine doublets in the management of advanced ovarian and breast cancers, treatments that today are used around the world.

Dr. Nagourney resides in Long Beach, California with his wife and two sons.

JD Messinger | 05/06/18 | Mind/Body/Spirit

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JD Messinger is a serial innovator and the award winning and best selling author of number one best-selling 11 Days in May. The former CEO of Ernst & Young Consulting, Singapore, began his adult life as a fireman, going on to become one of 37 Distinguished Graduates from the United States Naval Academy. JD is a former nuclear submarine officer and the Exxon executive who helped supervise the Valdez Oil spill cleanup. Nominated as CNBC Asian CEO of the year, he was the Channel News Asia “IT Person of the Week” and a senior advisor to the Singapore Prime Minister, and members of parliament in Great Britain, China, Brunei, Australia and Malaysia.

After careers in the navy, Exxon and Ernst & Young, JD became an entrepreneur, creating award-winning games, television and radio show programs, and books. JD is the recipient of numerous corporate and national presidential awards, and just recently the 2012 Publishing Innovation of the Year Award. His thought leadership papers on crisis, energy, innovation and social change have been distributed to U.S. Presidential candidates and dignitaries around the world.

Eva Shaw | 05/06/18 | Parenting

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Eva Shaw, Ph.D. ( is the ghostwriter/author of 70 books, many best sellers and award winners. Under her byline, they include: Ghostwriting: The Complete Guide, Games of the Heart (a novel), Writeriffic 2: Creativity Training for Writers, Write Your Book in 20 Minutes, Shovel It: Nature’s Health Plan, What to Do When a Loved One Dies, For the Love of Children, There’s No Business Like Show Business, My Affair with Art, Insider’s Guide to San Diego, The Sun Never Sets, and more.

Eva’s work has been featured in publications such as USA Today, Shape, Country Living, San Diego Union Tribune, Los Angeles Times, Costco Connection, Publisher’s Weekly, Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal plus she has ghosted more than 1000 columns, articles and short stories. She’s a regular presenter at writing conferences and teaches six different online writing courses (with Education to Go, offered worldwide. She lives and writes in Carlsbad CA with husband Joseph and their rambunctious Welsh terrier, Miss Rosy Geranium.

Andrea Adler | 04/04/2018 | Marketing

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Andrea Adler, proclaimed as the “Metaphysical Marketer,” pioneered Holistic Marketing in the early 80’s. She is the founder of Holistic and has produced workshops, seminars, and tele-classes for the past 30 years. Andrea is an international speaker, workshop presenter, and consultant and has authored three books on holistic marketing: PR for The Holistic Healer, Creating an Abundant Practice, and The Science of Spiritual Marketing.

Pushing Upward, her breakout Novel, published by Hay House is the Winner of the Los Angeles Book Festival Award and Hay House “Pick of the Month” for October 2012.

Andrea was responsible for writing Herbal Life’s first audio promotional tape and marketing collateral for Bread for the World, EDF (Environmental Defense Fund), City Harvest, Food for Thought, and Co-op America.

She has written over 50 articles on holistic marketing, translated in five languages, and has appeared on numerous radio and TV shows throughout the world. For 30 years, Andrea has supported Internet companies, small businesses, cultural creatives, and entrepreneurs in Europe, Canada, Mexico, Venezuela, and the United States. Andrea has been a contributing editor and writer for Body, Mind, Spirit. She has written articles for Massage Magazine, Living Natural, Massage Today, Akkadian Magazine, Spirituality and Health, Tathaastu, Marketing Holistico in Mexico City and UNO MISMO, in Buenos Aires. Both Living Natural and Massage Today featured Andrea on the cover. She has been a featured guest on Dr. Pat’s-BLOG Talk Radio, Theater of the Mind and Unity Church’s international radio show.

A recipient of the Axiom Business Book Award in 2009, and a Key-Note speaker at hundreds of conferences including: The Science and Consciousness Conference, Natural Awakenings Annual Conference, Mountain Biz, The Holistic Medical Assoc., INATS (International New Age Trade Show) and Expo Ser in Mexico City with Deepak Chopra. Andrea has studied meditation for 30 years, living in ashrams and meditation centers in India, Paris, New York, and California.

In her twenties, Andrea was an actress both on and off Broadway, appearing in Neil Simon’s Chapter Two and several TV shows. In the early 80s, while a journalist for The Times Herald Record, in Monticello, New York, Andrea was profoundly affected by three teen suicides that occurred at a local high school. In response, she wrote a grant and received funding from Senator Charles Cook to create the Off-Off Main Street Children’s Theater Company, dedicated to works by, for, and about teenagers and the challenges they face. She produced and directed this company successfully for eight years.

A Broadway actress, an author, and an ardent practitioner of meditation, Andrea continually integrates her writing, her theatrical background and her meditation discipline with her evolving expertise in writing and producing.

Andrea is a member of the Screen Actors Guild (SAG); Women in Film (WIF) and Step UP. She currently lives in Santa Monica, California. Her son Brian Adler is a jazz composer and musician in NYC.

Dave Austin | 05/06/18 | Mind/Body/Spirit

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Dave Austin is an International bestselling author and a highly sought after “mental performance coach” toprofessional athletes. As founder of Extreme Focus he is best known for his “game ready” visualizations, which have helped NFL, MLB, Olympic, and college athletes achieve extraordinary results, along with assisting business leaders and Fortune 100 and 500 companies excel to new heights. As a former professional athlete himself, Dave uses his firsthand knowledge and experience to help get his clients “in the zone” and is affectionately known as the “secret weapon” when it comes to a competitive edge. In addition to his one-on-one work, he helped the U.S. Olympic field hockey team get their best results in World Cup competition, assisted the L.A. Dodgers in going from last place to winning the pennant, and gave the extra edge and mental strength to an Army Ranger team during their Best of the Best Competition. Davis also the author of Song Writing for Dummies which he wrote with Jim Petrick, writer of of Eye of the Tiger and other hits.